Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rest of the Randoms

Here are the rest of some random shots from our trip.

Brynn was rocking out to my iPod on the plane.

My dad always finds a way to entertain kids. He and Lisa played their own version of Jenga by seeing how high they could build this tower. Notice Brynn is lurking, just quietly waiting like a sly fox, to make her move to knock it down. She is such a troublemaker.

The whole fam

Court's non-alcoholic wasn't quite as cheap as the $1 PBR's :)

B doing her best impersonation of Uncle E on his snowboard.

My little peep


  1. Snow Coaster ride = $17
    Lift Ticket = $80
    Snowmobile Trip = $195
    Some good old fashioned family fun together...priceless! :) CW

  2. I hope you're using the buddy system in that hot tub pic. BUDDY!! Also, is that an Igloo cooler I see behind Adam?