Thursday, May 27, 2010

34 minutes and 42 seconds

I kind of feel bad. I just spent 34 minutes and 42 seconds on the phone with the tech support at HP setting up my printer/scanner with my new Mac...and man, was I crabby to him. It wasn't his fault that the driver needed to be updated and it wasn't his fault that my warranty ran out almost a year ago. But, seriously, $34.99 to get this problem fixed!!! Scam!!

So, when life gives you lemons...

Meredith is one of my sweet girls on my baby plan...she is now 6 months old!

I loved the motion in this shot with the flare.

Thank you Meghan & Josh!! Hope you loved your sneak peek :)

Pete & Repeat

I have said it before, but I love repeat clients. I will warn you now, that if I shoot your engagement pics or your wedding or your maternity session, (not always in that order, but hey, I don't discriminate) we will probably become friends and be seeing a lot of each other over the years. I love how that happens.

I shot Molly & Ed's engagement pics at Wrigley Field a few summers ago, followed be their fab wedding, and now their newborn session with their sweet little Elly.

Does this look say, "What the heck do you have me wearing?" or what??

Congrats Molly & Ed!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happiness is...

...having the best dog in the world.

...learning to pull yourself up in your crib so you can smile when someone comes in to get you.

...spending a day at the flea market with a really good friend.

...the smell of lilacs in the springtime.

...going to a laid-back country bridal shower and letting your daughter dress you for the occasion.

...and feeding a horse...the biggest carrot we have ever seen.

...the good old U.S. of A.

...making cupcakes with your dad for your class at school.

...eating said cupcakes and having a sugar rush.

...having many blessings to celebrate in one day and so much to be thankful for.

(Ky's baby dedication at church)

...capturing those precious moments for my loved ones.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh me, oh my.

Wow, am I behind. This poor bride and groom probably think I hijacked their photos and was never going to share them.

Between the internet connection debacle (turned out we had to add our brand new router to the list of things that were lost by the lightning strike) and that stomach virus going around (which both of my kids got) :( it has been a long week.

I finally do not have a child on my lap, so I am enjoying some alone time. Just me and my computer and HGTV. By the way, have you seen the new J. Crew catalog? I just got mine in the mail yesterday and this cover photo made me want to just call them and tell them I will take one of everything they have. There is just something about this image that screams relaxing, warm summer days at the lake house. Yes, please.

A quick update on the personal front...the house hunting has slowed to a snail's pace but we have been enjoying some activity here with some showings on our home and am hopeful an offer will come one day. I keep reminding myself it is out of my hands and all I can do is pray about it and know that when the time is right, it will happen.

I know, you don't want to hear my want some I right?? Well, I am sure that this wedding a few weeks ago in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin won't disappoint.

You may remember Melisa & Ryan from their engagement session last fall at Hotel Baker.

This shot was just a grab shot that I took as I followed her down the hallway to go outside. I didn't have time to check my settings, I just snapped...there is something about the feel of it that I like.

The bond in this family is one to be envied. Mary, thank you for everything.

A little interesting of the groomsmen drove the bride and groom to the reception at The Bull Golf Course at Pinehurst Farms; he was a little excited, so he had a bit of a "lead-foot." He got pulled over for going 20 over the speed limit. Melisa & Ryan were in the backseat in their dress and tux, so the cop let them go with a warning, right? WRONG!!! He gave the groomsman a TICKET!!! Who does that??? I think it was because he had a California driver's license ;)

Showing off the bling.

The new hardware.

I think I witnessed a little puppy love in bloom. Good thing they aren't related through blood ;)

Melisa & Ryan's family and friends knew how to party...the dance floor was packed all night long.

If you have not been up to Sheboygan, WI, I definitely recommend heading up there for a weekend this summer. It is super cute and quaintly situated right on Lake Michigan. It was a bit nippy this particular weekend, but that didn't stop the party.

Thank you so much for having Faye and I and for putting us up with our families at the Blue Harbor Resort.