Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Train

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That pic has nothing to do with anything...I just thought it was cute.  Although, I do try to do one amazing thing each day...however you define "amazing" can be up to you.  For me, today, my "amazing" thing is going to be folding six loads of clean laundry.  Amazing.

As I have mentioned before, I have always been a strong believer in the cliche everything happens for a reason.  This especially holds true for me and my family in the past year.  However, we could never have predicted our paths crossing with another family that would have so much in common with ours.  Mike & Jess moved here from San Francisco with 3M and we hit it off immediately.  I feel like I have known them forever and they "get" what our crazy lives are like in our house.  They also have their own "circus" and just roll with the punches as we do.

They too were shocked blessed with twins while trying to move and find a place for their newly big family to settle down.

Meet Scarlett & Reilly and their big brother Mason (aka the "Dennis" to Kyler's "Menace).

These two don't sit still long, even with cupcakes in their hands.  I am thankful to be in that calm before the storm stage right now over here...although my boys are starting to get way more mobile.  I am definitely not ready for that.  I honestly don't know how Mike & Jess keep up with these munchkins.

And they're off.... the bath.

When we all get together, the adults are, by far, out numbered, but that doesn't stop us.  We look forward to many more fun times together...however crazy they may be.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brides & Babies

The wedding weekend was a success.  I was busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, but we pulled it off.  I was in the wedding as well as shooting as much as I possibly could.  Faye kicked a$$ and took names as she breezed through the rest of the day.  Here are just a few teasers while we finish editing the rest...

I enjoyed the role reversal as I got to spend some time with the guys and Faye got to shoot the girls.

Also, while I was in Springfield, I was lucky enough to drop in on my best bud Leigh and her family who just welcomed their twins, Oscar & Lorelai (aka "Oz & Lola") into this world three weeks ago.   This is it...I don't have anyone else I know prego with twins.  This has been one freaky phenomenon.

Congrats to E & Laura as they start their new lives together.  Congrats to Leigh & Josh as they start their new lives together as parents of four kids.  Lots of blessings all around.