Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...and inside too.

That blood-pressure raising sound...that high pitched squeal that screams I'm HUNGRY...came piercing through the baby monitor.  Remembering that Chad was on vacation the next day, I lazily rolled over and gave him the "poke."  That sharp poke with my fingernail that says Hey, do you hear that?? Get UP!  It's your turn and don't even think about arguing with me because I WILL throw elbows. 

He must have gotten my point, because he dragged himself up and out of bed as the wails became louder and doubled from down the hall.  I snuggled down into my pillow and pulled the comforter up over my head and almost smiled as I planned to get back to my dreams of sugar plums.

I heard him mumble something about something not working and just like that, he was gone.  But the noises down the hall didn't stop...they got louder.  I can tell their little cries apart now...first it was Breck, then Riles chimed in for emphasis.  Where had Chad gone??  Man, it is cold in here.  What the h?

Chad was in the basement like Ralphie's dad in A Christmas Story cursing at the furnace.  1:26 a.m. and our furnace stopped working.   You stinkin' hosticalfifer.  

Two calls to different repair companies went unreturned.  Finally, Pat at Pat's Heating & Cooling came over to rescue our frozen little family.  My dreams of sugar plums would have to wait.  Maybe tonight??

Number one thing on my list to do today...WRAP!  However, we have no Scotch tape in this whole house, so Chad went out to pick some up.  How is it that a 3M employee could actually have to pay for Scotch tape??

I got quite inspired yesterday when I saw some wrapping inspiration that Mary over at Urban Farmgirl & Co. posted on her blog.  I would have a hard time unwrapping presents that look this good. 

Then I started looking for some more inspiration of my own.  Thanks to that girl over at Tinywhitedaisies...these are all great holiday inspirations.

I need to get to my wrapping...but I wanted to thank all of you for the Christmas cards this year.  I have never received this many and it keeps me running to the mailbox everyday.  We should send cards like this all year long...and we should keep lights up all year round too.  Who's with me??

Here is what I have been doing with all the cards:

(I think I love my iPhone camera a little too much...I may start shooting sessions with it...I kid.)

Here are the rest of the cards that I haven't put up yet...I may need a bigger strand of twine.

I did a combo Birth Announcement/Christmas card this year.  Hence, killing two birds with one stone.


I loved my sister's card this year.  I need to blog the pics from their session...coming soon.  Here is a little sneak peek:

3 more days!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Days go by...

It's been a little bit of a blur...but a happy blur, filled with lots of laughs and love.  The boys are seven weeks old today and we are taking it one day at a time.  Every day is a challenge full of strategic planning and trying to stay one step ahead so we can keep a smile on everyones' faces.

(I am loving the camera on the new iPhone!)

One of my secret weapons to my sanity is my mom.  I don't know if I tell her enough how thankful I am for her and her supportive pop-ins here and there to let me shower, take a nap or run to Target.  Last week she came over in a heartbeat to take the boys for their first sleepover at her place so Chad and I could sleep through the night.  I have often wondered if sleep deprivation can be fatal??  

My mom has always been an inspiration to me.  Her and my dad started their family very young and missed out on a lot of things that 20-year-olds get to do so that they could be the best parents they could be to my brother, sisters and me.  She is strong, smart, opinionated and lives to do absolutely anything she can for my siblings and me to make our lives easier...almost to a fault.  She is my sounding board when I am bent out of shape about something.  She encourages and listens, yet always plays devil's advocate when I can jump to conclusions or make a snap judgment.  She puts it all in perspective for me and challenges me to be a better person daily.  She completes me.

These buggers complete me too...

We have been slowly venturing outside of our home to take in all the sights of the Christmas season.  Yes, I said CHRISTMAS.  So sick of all the political correctness out there.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This was our very first outing as a family with our double stroller.

A special birthday shout out today to Finn & Tripp who are brothers that share a birthday.  They are 4 years old and 1 year old respectively today.  This was one of my favorite sessions from back when Tripp was 9 months old...Kristy, I think we need to schedule his one year shoot!

Happy Birthday!! 6 days til Christmas!!