Wednesday, August 31, 2011

maternal instinct

I took Brynn to the pool one last time this past weekend before it closed for the season.  For some reason, she chose the day before the pool closed for the winter to take the deep water swim test.  She was determined to go down the "drop slides" by herself that day.  The regular water slides just weren't going to cut it.

Being a seasoned Sunset Pool Lifeguard, I explained to her how the test works.  Now you jump in at this end and you follow the blue line on the pool floor until you reach the other side.  Her bravery is something that always blows me away...kindergarten shots? meh!  Splinter in her foot?  Bring on the tweezers.  She jumped in like a champ and swam as fast as her little arms and legs would let her.  She did great, and I was so proud that she was going to pass the swim test at five years old.  

Then I saw the little eyeballs get really, really big and they looked over at me quickly filling with tears as I walked along next to her.  She was three-quarters across the length of the pool, but she had gone on a slight diagonal which landed her out in the middle of no-man's land.  Too far from the wall to grab on, too far to finish the test.  I panicked.  My cover-up and sunglasses came off and my 26 week pregnant belly jumped in for my baby girl.  I couldn't touch either, so when I reached her I realized I wasn't sure this was one of my better decisions.  She latched on to me and we went under.  

There was no way I was going to rescued by a lifeguard that used to be me, so I somehow managed to get her over to the side of the pool and she happily climbed out saying "Thanks Mom.  Maybe I will try again next year."  I held on to the side of the pool and waved at the lifeguard to let her know we were a-ok.  All except for my pulled groin and my embarrassment of how ridiculous I must have looked jumping in from the side of the pool in all my round glory.

There's always next year.

Congrats Kristi, Jeff & Addison on your little one on the way.  Kristi, may your maternal instinct always kick in when necessary ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carpet glorious carpet

It is like walking into a brand new house.  That smell of new carpet.  It couldn't make my pregnant, super sensitive to any kind of weird smell, nose any happier.  Now to start unpacking...ugh!

This engagement session is from July and was one of my favorite sessions of the summer.  I could have shot at Alicia's family's farm every day this summer.  It was a beautiful night and with beautiful people, both inside and out.  I can't wait for Alicia & Collin's wedding in a few weeks.

Only 16 more sessions to blog until I get caught least if I have to go on bed rest I will have something to blog about ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

An end in sight?

I am sitting in my car, scamming an internet connection from my own house.  B is at school and Ky is sleeping in his car seat.  The workers are STILL plugging away on our floors.  The dust chokes you as you walk in the front door, but there is progress and the light is becoming brighter at the end of that proverbial tunnel.

Not one room is livable right now.  They all look like this:

And as if we didn't seem like the new hillbilly neighbors enough with all the boxes in the garage...we decided to put the old toilet on the back deck.  It saves us a trip inside.

Everything seems half finished.  I love my new wainscoting up the stairs, but carpet would really pull the whole thing together, don't you think? ;)  The carpet was scheduled to be installed today...but due to how difficult it was for the workers to pull out the ceramic tile this week, they needed an extra day.  I'll admit it.  When I heard the carpet would not be here until Monday, I cried.  Then I cried because I missed Berkeley.  Then I cried some more because I was tired.  And just a little more because I was stressed out.  Luckily I was in the car by myself.  If these babies turn out normal, it will be only by the grace of God.  These last six months have been darn hard!

This is how we had dinner last night...a little picnic in the upstairs hallway while everyone was painting.  At least I don't have to worry if they spill.

(By the way, all of the pics in this post were taken with my iPhone, so bear with me).

And to add to the excitement/stress/emotions of this week, Brynn started Kindergarten!


Surprisingly, there were no tears from anyone...well, except one person....

The little brother!  Kyler wanted to get on the bus with "BB" so badly. He ran after the bus down the sidewalk.

He was so excited to see her when she got home.

So, as we try to pull together our house and make it a home, I am still busy shooting sessions and weddings frantically before these babies come.  Turns out they are going to be here sooner rather than later.  I am 26 weeks tomorrow and we have another ultrasound at 27 weeks to learn more, but apparently there is a "problem" with one of the placentas.  There is some kind of "leak" of sorts which is causing cells from the fetus to get in to my bloodstream as well as diminishing the amount of nutrients getting to the baby.  Baby "B" is 20% smaller than Baby "A" and this is something the doctors are not comfortable with.  As of right now I am continuing with my schedule as planned until I am told otherwise.  If you have not scheduled your session for September yet, I can make no promises.

But here is the good news...I have decided to run a September Special to make things more fun around here!  Starting now through the month of September, I will be offering the digital files from any session or wedding (I have already shot or will shoot before the end of September) at 50% off.  It can be from five years ago or five days ago or 5 weeks from long as I shot it before the end of September of this year.  

When I was in Jamaica a few weeks ago I had an epiphany while floating in the pool.  My world is about to be rocked.  (Well, that's not the epiphany, I knew that from the moment the ultrasound tech replied cheerfully "Twins!!")  The epiphany is that my priorities this winter are going to have to change. I am going to have to be comfortable staying home, making meals, doing laundry, and loving on my family with no distractions.  My world will revolve around them at all costs.  

In order for that to happen, all orders of any kind must be placed before October 1st in order to guarantee their delivery to you in a timely manner.  Speak now or forever hold your peace until next Spring! ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We are temporarily displaced from our home as the destruction began on Monday on our flooring.  Lots of dust and nails everywhere, so we are not staying there anymore.  This week can't go by fast enough.

Congrats to Amber as she starts her senior year.

Go Vikings!