Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Golden Summer Evening

I shot Krissy's maternity pics back in January, but now her smooshy little baby Nelson is 6 months old. He was all smiles before I got there, but he saved his "deer in the headlight" look for me...why does that always happen to me? ha :) He was a total sweetheart and gave me great "blue steel" with those ridiculous blue lagoon eyes of his. Wowee!

What a great looking family. Nelson will most likely be a 'freak of nature' when it comes to athletics...and I mean that in a complimentary, respectful, and jealous manner...his mom and dad, Krissy & Brad, met at Augustana where they played collegiate basketball and football respectively.

Love this!

And this!!!!

Brad is one of the Varsity football coaches at my Alma mater (is that how you spell that? Spell check says "yes"), Geneva High School, so we had to do some shots in Nelson's blue Viking T-shirt! I have to get one of these for my little guy...too cute!! I am sure all of you Geneva High School girls out there recognize Mr. Wendell ;)

Congrats Brad & Krissy! Thanks so much for spending time with me, I had a ball and am love with all your images :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sweet Miracle

Sweet Baby Leah was a product of her parents' love and persistence. As all Scott & Brooke's friends were having babies left and right (Chad and I included), they kept their hopes up that it would one day happen for them...and it finally has!

I just love the saying on her wall: "Miracles are gifts from above." It is so true!

Scott & Brooke, we all could not be happier or more excited for your new little addition to your family. Looking forward to watching her grow! Congrats!! xoxo

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Happy Place

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were headed up to Door County for our annual family vacay. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about going so far up in "Cheesehead" territory while only being a few weeks out from my due date. Chad said as long as we don't have to deliver in Green Bay, we are in good shape. My Green Bay Packer fan relatives thought "Brett" would go really well with "Brynn"....well that was until Favre made the move to the enemy, Minnesota Vikings...but I digress....

When I was growing up we would spend a lot of time up north at my grandparents' place in Sister Bay. Nowadays it is hard to get all of us there more than once a year since there are so many of us and there are too many schedules to coordinate.

My grandma Lois' parents were born and raised in Door County by their Swedish and Norwegian parents and to this day there are still so many branches of our family tree linked up there. It is fun for us because when we go up there we get to spend time with our huge family. Chances are we will run in to someone we are related to when we are at Sister Bay beach, eating at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant - the place with the goats on the roof (my g-ma's cousin), or getting ice cream at Wilson's...if your last name is Larson, Anderson, Johnson, Nelson, etc...well, we could be related. My grandma is one of seven siblings who, amazingly are still all alive and healthy. Six girls and only one boy! Poor Uncle Bud ;)

Claudia, Trudy, Dot, Bud, my grandma Lois, Cynthia, and Carol:

Ever since my grandparents sold their place, we have been renting every year. This year we were lucky enough to stay at a place on the water.

There was a cool red shed with a fence next door to our house that I couldn't resist and snagged my cousin Matty for a few headshots.

It is a rite of passage to ride on the go-karts at Johnson's Park. These things have been there as long as I can remember. It is always tradition for the youngest kids to start harassing their parents to go ride the go-karts as soon as they are done eating dinner. It is crazy to me that I am now one of the parents and will be getting harassed now in years to come. This was Brynn's first year being able to ride...unfortunately it was the first year I was unable to ride :( I don't think they made one big enough for me and my belly.

We spent some time on the water on a pontoon boat.

More cousins, Tava and Alissa. Can you see the Scandinavian influence?
Grandpa John-o.

Chad and my bro were partners in crime this week...I think it has something to do with Chad's new haircut...he wanted to look like E ;)
Another tradition is a Door County Fish Boil. Wikipedia could explain it more articulately than I could:
A fish boil is a Great Lakes culinary tradition in areas of Wisconsin (USA), with large Scandinavian populations, particularly Door County, Port Wing and Port Washington, Wisconsin. The meal consists of Lake Michigan or Lake Superior whitefish (though lake trout can be used), with other ingredients.
The fish is typically caught by local fishermen, cut into small chunks and cooked in boiling water with red potatoes. Some boilers add onions as well. Salt is the only seasoning used, and used only to raise the
specific gravity of the water.
The cooking of the fish is an elaborate presentation. Restaurants typically ask that patrons arrive a half hour early to witness the boiling. The fish and potatoes are placed in a cast-iron kettle. When the water comes to a boil the potatoes, kept in a wire basket, are lowered in.
The fish are then placed in another wire basket and lowered in. When the fish oils rise to the top of the pot, the boiler will add a small amount of kerosene to the flames. The increase in flames causes a boilover, the fish oils spill over the side of the pot, and the fish is done.
The fish boil was started at the Viking Grill in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin by then grill owners Annette and Lawrence Wickman
(more of my grandma's relatives) when they decided to duplicate the trout boils held by local churches and civic groups but instead use the local whitefish.

My cousin, Lars, throwing the kerosene on the flames to the create the "Boil Over."

A great spectator family is pretty easily entertained ;)

More cousins...Brynn's new love, Andrew.

His twin sis, Lauren.

Cousin Jessica and her hubby, Matt.

Sisters, Jessica & Lindsay.

With their grandma a/k/a my grandma's sister, Trudy.

And we can't forget my niece, Ella. As you know, she just had her first when we got home from DC we had a quick photo session to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Her curls are coming in...not quite as curly as her mom, but there are some definite swirls going on.

Happy Tuesday!