Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

Mmmm, lemons....lemonade...why can't I get enough of it? This pregnancy my biggest craving has been lemonade, so when I found out last week at my ultrasound that my placenta previa hasn't really gone away, I tried to make proverbial "lemonade" out of the news. At least the baby and I are healthy, so I give many thanks to the Lord. However, due to this news, I am not going to be booking too many sessions in August and may have to end up cancelling a few just in case the baby comes early or if I have to be on best rest. I tend to see the cup of lemonade as half full, so I always hope for the best but try to plan for the worst. All I can say is, I am ready for this baby boy to arrive :)

There have been a few requests for some shots of my hump, so here is one from our friends' Katie & Steve's wedding a few weeks ago. I can't tell you how much fun it was to attend a wedding as a guest...even if I can't participate in the open bar. Nonetheless, I think Chad, Courtney & Adam enjoyed having an automatic Designated Driver. This is not the most flattering pic as I look quite large and pink, but I had fun shopping for this dress. My goal has been to buy all non-maternity clothes this time around. Maternity clothes are ugly and expensive, so I just buy a size or two bigger than normal in regular clothes. Thank goodness all those maxi dresses are in style, even if I do make them look like mu-mu's ;)

I also have a few random shots from our adventures we have had so far this summer.

Arlington Race Track is a blast. We all went to celebrate my brother-in-law, Adam's, birthday. Brynn is totally in to her Barbie shades.

The French Market in Geneva on Sunday mornings has some great fresh fruit and vegetables.

Brynn had the opportunity to try out her new fishing pole she got for her birthday from Grandma & Grandpa Van in their backyard as we celebrated Father's Day.

Last week was so hot, this was the reading from our back deck...although I think this is a slight exaggeration, it certainly felt like it was this hot.
To keep Berkeley cool, we took him to the Bark Park in Batavia for a dip.

More random stuff...

My dad and brother swam, biked and ran in the Batavia triathlon. They rocked. Way to go boys!

Brynn was so proud to wear Papa's medal.
E was just about to cross the finish line.
Speaking of weddings, Brynn also got married the other day, keeping my wedding season in full swing. Her little buddy, Jimmy, and his brother, Jakob, our neighbors behind us, came over with flowers for Brynn and they had a wedding celebration. She actually let me take her picture since it was her "wedding day. " She noticed a picture of Chad & I from our wedding day on our nightstand yesterday and she asked where she was at our wedding. I tried to explain why she wasn't there...it went something like, "First comes love, then comes marriage..." but she wasn't having it. She said we should have invited her because she would have had fun.

We also had the chance to get together with Brynn's other suitor. Anthony came over to break up the wedding. Does this say "Summer" or what??

All 4 kids had a good time. I swear they used to make these Slip & Slides much bigger.

Tony did well, he only pulled his hammy.

While Tony, Nicole, Anthony & Aiden were over, we made time for an impromptu photo session. Brynn was thrilled.
I told her this was the last pic I would take of her.

Aiden, Anthony's little bro, is now 6 months old already. Time flies. Nicole and I had so much fun with with him and the new colors in my new nursery. Is he the spitting image of his big bro, or what??!!

He will probably kill me for taking this photo when he is older. Look at those rolls!!!

Love watching you grow little man!
Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer so far. I can't believe it is already the 4th of July weekend! Speaking of which, I am out of town for the holiday weekend and will return all emails and phone calls next week after a little vacation up in Lake Geneva. Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cute Family Alert!

I found a new, wonderful location for outdoor shoots...it has all my favorite things...fields, flowers, red barns, and a cute family.

Grady was all about me at first. I didn't get many smiles out of him because he was too busy exploring, but I did get lots of eye contact with those big brown eyes.
He is going to be a big brother this winter :)

You think he looks a little bit like his dad? ;)

There's a smile! He was having fun horsing around with dad...

and giving mom some wet kisses. I just love this image because it is so real. Grady was pulling his mom in by her hair for a smooch.

He looks like mom too...we need to give credit where credit is due :) Her eyes are an amazing color that I have never seen before.

Katie, Matt & Grady, thanks so much for letting me chase you around. Best of luck to you as both your babies grow. Have a great summer!

Friday, June 26, 2009

She thinks my tractor's sexy...

I knew I liked Amanda as soon as I met her. She's cute, charming and spunky. It wasn't until the end of our session that I learned why I really liked her...she loves Kenny Chesney almost as much as me ;)

Amanda just graduated from Lincolnway Central and is soon headed to Northern Iowa University. Those Iowa cornfields don't know what they have in store for them.

Amanda has been a dancer since she was 3 years old. She has danced in many productions as well as with the Joffrey Ballet Company. It was super fun to incorporate some of her passion in to her session. I think some of the bystanders/lurkers in downtown Frankfort also liked the idea.

Best of luck to you next year as you begin your new adventure in life. Thanks for being such a good sport and so fun to be with. See you at the next Kenny concert!!!