Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I picked this one for you...

I have loved watching this family grow and capturing some precious moments for them. You may remember from last spring when Ramona & Dave were expecting #2. You can see her maternity pics here and here.

Well, Baby Maya is now 8 months old! Her big bro David remembered me from last time and even showed me his belly again as soon as I walked in the door. No baby in there anymore ;)

Meet sweet, little Maya:

She was very serious at first, but she eventually loosened up a bit and came out of her shell ;)

Just trying a little different look here:

I took her big bro, David's, 8 month pics in this same chair.

There's the happy girl!

Ramona, it was so great to see you & David again and to finally meet your baby Maya. Thank you so much!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I drank the water

Do you remember that proverbial "something in the water" I was talking about? Well, apparently it is no joke. And I drank it. That's right. You can add me to list of every Tom, Dick and Harry that I know that all have buns in the oven :)

As you can imagine, we are over the moon. The part I am not so looking forward to is the suicidal nausea I suffered with my pregnancy with Brynn. I practically had to be talked down from the ledge. My doctor told me I will be fine as long as I keep snacking all day and night to keep my blood-sugar level up. Normally, I am a three-meal-a-day-kind-of-girl, but I am following doctor's orders and I am snacking like I have never snacked before. But, I can still feel it...it's lurking...bubbling under the surface...waiting for me to let my guard down so it can rear its ugly, green head. I may gain 100 pounds this time, but I am going to feel good, darnnit.

Brynn was so excited when we told her the news, that she actually asked me to take her picture. That was a first. I think she just liked her funky outfit she put together all by herself. Needless to say, she is pumped to be a big sis. Can you tell?

I'll try not to complain to all of you too much about how yucky I feel. I am really hoping this pregnancy is going to be super different from my first one. I would so love to actually enjoy it. Truth be told, it is so obviously worth it otherwise no one would do this ;)
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Babies, babies everywhere...

Meet "Baby Ben"...his sweet little personality shone through as he woke up from his nap. He is such a cutie pie and was so good for his first photo shoot.

But his big sis Carly kind of stole the show ;) I couldn't leave her alone.

Back to baby Ben...with his momma. Look at those rolls on his arms. Don't you want to squeeze him?

But Big Sis Carly lured me into the other room...how could I pass this up?? :D

They also call him "Benjamin Bunny" and as I shot this little book, I noticed I was being watched from outside...can you see the silhouette of their big dog Levi keeping a close eye on me?

I love this series of pics of Carly. She has the most beautiful, big, blue eyes.

Baby Ben was so patient, he just chilled in his little chair while I had some fun with his sis.

Can you tell where they got the beautiful, blue eyes? ;)