Friday, February 25, 2011

Girly girl

I sound like a broken record, but I am amazed at how fast my babies grow on my baby plan.  Could another year have gone by?  

Addison, you got cuter at every session.  I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw you.  I wanted to nibble on your arm rolls.  

Is that weird?

She is a big girl now with her ears pierced.

There were plenty of smiles to go around this time...we brought a secret weapon...


Addison, you are such a doll.  Thank you so much for an unforgettable year.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The new me.

You may notice something different around here ;)  No more pink and yellow.  That was the old me.

The new me is simple and sophisticated, yet still a whimsical fun side.  I am getting back to basics in my personal life, so why not reflect that in my business presence as well?  Clear out the clutter.  Un-complicate things.  Keep it real.

I want to say thank you to all of have supported me and my business venture for the past several years.  I have never thanked my blog "Followers" properly.  Most of you I have never even met.  Thank you for checking in to see what is going on in my little world.  It does not go unnoticed.

If you would like to be a "Follower," you can do it at the bottom of this page.  I never even knew it was there until about a year ago...(I'm a quick one I tells ya).  I think all that means is that you get an email when I post something new.

I will be giving away an iTunes gift card to one lucky Follower next week, so be sure to sign up by then.  It would be most appreciated.  I want to know who my audience is out there.  Who are you guys in Muckwonago, Wisconsin?  Or Woodland Hills, California?

Last year was a great year for Kelly Vanderploeg Photography.  I just got my taxes done (ugh!) and the business grew by 56%.  I thank all of you for that.

I look forward to so much more to come this year.

Much, much love,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Court update

I have been getting lots of emails and texts about Courtney and wanting an update on how she's doing...I figure it is easiest to just give you the scoop here.  When we last talked about Court, she was scheduled to go in today for a c-section.  After almost having a c-section last week (due to small baby weight), we are now all sitting on edge until the new date of March 2nd.

Here is what she wrote to us last week:

So Haddie has passed her BPPs the last two weeks, including today's, however Dr.
measured her growth again today and she is measuring small still (13th 
percentile now at 37 weeks, approx 5lbs 9oz).  As of this afternoon, his initial 
recommendation was to not wait until next Tues but to take her out Wed the 
16th...BUT only if her lungs were deemed mature...long story short he performed 
an amniocentesis on me while I was there to find out if lungs were ready or 
not.  The initial results came back an hour later, and were in the 20k range and 
lung maturity is closer to the 50k range.  They are sending amnio speciman to 
another lab to confirm this number which will be back by tom...but Dr. was not 
optimistic since 20k was so much lower than the mature range. So...his next best 
recommendation was to keep baby in until 39 weeks, while performing BPPs twice a 
week, which will monitor placenta function and to give lungs more time to 
mature.  I meet with my regular Dr. on Thurs to digest all this new info and 
see we will stay the course of the scheduled c-section on Tues or not.  Sorry if 
this is has been quite the roller coaster.  I will keep you 
posted...thank you for all the thoughts and prayers!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Like Riding a Bike

The rush of the wind in my hair, the beat of the blaring music, the excitement of "couples' skate."  There is nothing like being at the roller skating rink.  The memories came rushing back to me as I took B to Funway for her very first spin around the rink.

(iPhone pics, sorry)

B's little skates.

Someone finally got smart and made these things velcro!  I remember my parents so patiently lacing mine up for me and adjusting them as I whined they're too tight or too loose!

We made it around a few laps before the tears kicked in.  I thought she was just frustrated because she was unsteady, but she was really, really mad because she couldn't go fast.  All in good time, little one.

We didn't stick around long enough for the Chicken Dance, races or the Hokey Pokey, but if she is anything I was when I was little, I think we may be going back for more.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Feeling Smarter

I have always enjoyed spending time at libraries.  I love books and especially love the smell of a library.  I feel like even if I don't have the time to read all these books, I can still enjoy looking at them on the shelves and be comforted in the fact that someone at sometime has read them.  Everyone at the library always looks so busy with their nose in a book.  I just feel smarter being around those people and all that knowledge that is shared in those books on those shelves.  As if some of that wealth of information could somehow seep into my brain if I just breathe in the smell of their old paper.

So this is why I have been frequenting my local library as much as possible lately.  This is where I did all my preparing for my workshop and where I've been returning emails, editing sessions, placing orders, etc.  I am not sure if I am smarter, but at least it makes me feel like I am.

Here are few shots from the Workshop:

Ella was a total rockstar.

Just wanted to throw this out there...

The Mothers Club of Geneva
Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon
March 20th, 2011
to benefit families in need in the Fox Valley Area.

Please order your tickets by March 6th
Register and pay online at
Any questions, please contact Linda Biesecker at 630.262.1952

I am going to be going to this event with some great girlfriends.  We still have a few seats left at our table if anyone would like to join us.  Let me know :)

**Actually our table is now full -- let me know if you still would like to come and I think we may have enough people to start a new table :)**

One last random thing...

I just wanted to show how cute this invitation was that we got in the mail the other day.  In case you are looking for something fun to do to get you through the winter blahs.  You could host a "Tutu Tuesday" party.

I guess I will have to dust off the ol' tutu!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some girls have it all

Olivia is a girl who knows what she wants.  She wanted snow for her senior pictures.  Boy did she luck out.  She got 24+ inches of fluffy, white, marshmellowy snow.  Luckily, she loves winter and didn't mention how cold it was at all when I led her on a hike through the woods in the snow that went up past our boots.  (I actually had snow coming in my boots from the top, up by my knees.  Now that's some deep snow!)

I also love that she came up with a plan when she wanted a car.  She got a job and bought one.  I love a girl that knows what she wants and goes out to get it.

Bridget at Odalisque outdid herself again with the makeup.  So natural.

Olivia, thanks for giving me an excuse to play in the snow!  So much fun!  Best of luck with the last semester of your senior year!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love. Love. Love.

May your day be filled with happiness and love.

I have been under the weather, so I had to steal a few shots for today.  Thank you Heather Bullard and Emily Steffen.  (I hope you don't mind).

The Price of Love is simply..Love

Happy Valentine's Day.