Monday, August 30, 2010

Soph turns 1!

Since Sophia's birthday is so close my little Kyler's birthday, all of her milestones this past year have been bittersweet for me.  As I watched her grow and change every three months, it reminded me how fast Ky is growing and changing too.

I am sure her parents are not as delinquent as I am in planning a first birthday party.  My family and friends keep asking what I am going to do for Ky Ky's first birthday and I have yet to come up with an answer.  I think I am in denial that my baby is growing up.  Just like Soph.

I hope you got a cake five times the size of this baby one to celebrate your big day.  Happy Birthday Sophie!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Boys, boys, boys

I have talked about Faye many times before, but I don't think I have ever mentioned how invaluable of an asset she is to me.  She shoots all my weddings with me.  We are a formidable team.  She reads my mind.  She props me up when I feel insecure.  She keeps my head on straight.  She deals with my control-freak mannerisms.  She's seen me at my best and at my worst.  Since the sixth grade, she has been a great friend to me.

I was lucky enough to spend a hot, muggy summer evening with her and her growing family a few weeks ago.  Aside from the attacks from the bird-sized mosquitos that we had to fend off, we had a good time.

I don't know if Leo knows what is in store for him this winter.  For Christmas this year he will be getting TWO little brothers.

I love this next series...

There are actually two real sunflowers here...I am not sure if you can tell.

This is so Faye.  Always ready for a good crack-up.

I have absolutely no talent in front of the camera like Faye does.  That's why I stay behind the camera.  I am better at giving orders than taking them.  You will see my lack of talent when I post my family pics that Faye took for us.  

Work. It. Out. Girl.

I just LOVE these.

Please send lots of prayers Faye's way for the well-being of these babies growing in her belly.  There are some complications, but I think all will be ok.  Please Lord, keep them and Faye healthy.  Love you Faye.  K

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Miss M

Baby Meredith from my baby plan is now 9 months old!  I got her hopped up on some great sugary treats which put a smile on her face.

How cute are these leg warmers?

She didn't waste any time digging right in.

Brain freeze!

All gone.

I thought this fence would be a nice "kid friendly" place to shoot.  Not dangerous with sharp edges at all.


Meredith, you are such a sweetheart and make my job easy!  Looking forward to your one year session!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

610 Home is where my heart is.

A couple of years ago when I was trying to determine where I was going with my business, I considered getting a studio location and making roots.  I drove past this building every day on my way to work at the law firm and I always slowed down to look longingly at this perfect location for what I hoped would someday be the home of "Kelly Vanderploeg Photography."

Even after I decided that being tied down to a studio was not going to be right for my business, I still would drive by for a quick drool every now and then.  Something there was just calling out to me.  I was so happy to see the coolest store ever move in to it this past spring and call it "home."  610 Home, that is.

Three good girlfriends, Catherine Connor, Barbara Freeman, and Mary Garvey James put their creative decorating minds together and came up with what Geneva was missing.

"610 HOME is the latest edition to South First Street’s trendy design district in (Pariscope Design, State Street Salvage and Les Tissus Colbert) Geneva,  Illinois. The 2,500 square foot warehouse is the perfect backdrop to an eclectic mix of new and vintage home furnishings and accessories.  We are committed to offering sophisticated design to the suave and urban minded shopper."

I stole this pic from their website from the night they celebrated being one of the 2010 Winners for the “Best Of” issue of Chicago Magazine. 

Here is what Chicago Magazine had to say about them:

HOME 610 HOME Many of Geneva’s stellar home stores have a traditional bent, but this newcomer takes a more citified approach to decorating that favors neutral colors and mixing styles. 610 Home stocks Regency chairs, midcentury desks, vintage chairs re-covered in unusual fabrics, and a new line of reclaimed wood furniture with a French aesthetic. Designers have gone gaga for the place. 610 S. FIRST ST., GENEVA; 630-262-3770, 610HOMEGENEVA.COM

Where do I fit in to all this other than being a major fan?  I was lucky enough to do the photos for their website that is going to be updated soon.  I was like a kid in a candy store.

Remember the high school senior session I just did with the piano?  Recognize this bench?  Yep, they were so sweet to let me use it.  I didn't want to give it back.

A one-minute walk from the Geneva 
Third St. shopping area and the Metra 
train station.

Stop in and show these ladies some love.  There is so much to see you may need to plan a second visit the next day.