Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sara & Ryan: Wedding

My love is shooting weddings. I love feeling the excitement in the air. The anticipation. The love. The hard part is editing all the images. I always have so many favorites that I can never narrow it down. Here comes another ridiculously long post from another fabulous wedding with a stellar couple. You may remember Sara & Ryan from their engagement session in February. You can see it here.

Sara & Ryan got married down in Bloomington, Illinois and we could not have asked for better weather. There was a blue sky and the leaves were at their peak colors. Fall is my favorite season so I loved all of Sara's attention she spent on her fall details. Chad and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, yes 7...time flies...and I chose to be married in the fall because it gives me such a nostalgic feeling. Football, apple picking, fall festival in Door County, hot apple cider, Homecoming, jeans-sweater-boots weather, and pumpkin spice candles. I can't get enough of it.

Sara always has a smile on her face.

Mom's first look at her daughter all dolled up.

We caught up with the guys before the ceremony too. I could tell from their shades that this was going to be a fun group.

A little something traditional for you...yes, I know how to take these shots, but I chose to share more of the more artistic and creative ones. I thought this was beautiful though. The reception took place at Holy Trinity Church in downtown Bloomington.

Grandma's first look at her beautiful granddaughter.

Faye found this perfect window at the church. We were joking that we would like to keep that window and take it with us. It had such a cool look and great light coming in too.

I couldn't decide with bouquet shot I liked better. Those are her mom's and grandma's wedding rings tied on to te ribbon.

Sara and her matron of honor, Brooke. We were all DZ's together at Eastern Illinois. Lots of fun memories with these girls. These two have an amazing history together since they grew up next door to each other.

The flower girl was stunning and did such a good job. She thought she better put on the final touches before the ceremony.

Look at these two holding hands! Too cute for words!

Perfect color pallette.

This was the biggest wedding party I have worked with so far and they made my job so easy. They were so cool and so fun and were willing to do whatever I asked of them.

Ryan played football in college, so I think this was his "game face."

He's really a softy though ;)

Workin' it.

Does this have a little "American Gothic" feel to it?

Party time!

Here is their guest sign in book I made for them of their images from their engagement session.

Brooke gave a great speech and made a "Top Ten" list about Sara.

Ryan's brother may have given the shortest speech ever. But it was from the heart, I'm sure ;) Ryan turned to him and "that's it?" It was so funny.

Highway J was the band who totally rocked the crowd. They were awesome.

You may recognize Molly & Ed from their engagement session at Wrigley. You can check it out here. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding down in Bloomington in December :)

These two crazy kids were there too...I did their anniversary session back in May. Check them out.

A special thank you to Dawn Bergeron and Faye Licari for shooting with me. Here are a few of Dawn's shots:

Love this one ;)

Addison is a real beauty with a personality that won't quit. She had us cracking up all day.

Here are some of Faye's shots. Why do I love bouquet shots so much??

Sara & Ryan, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day. I had such a good time with you and your bridal party. Enjoy!