Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Are you an Organ Donor?

We received some encouraging news yesterday about Chad's stepdad, Ken. For those who don't know, he is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and his quality of life has rapidly deteriorated in the last year. It has been surreal to watch, since he has always looked so healthy. However, during the past few months his condition has taken a turn for the worse as he has struggled with bouts of pneumonia and the scarring on his lungs has increased. So, here is the good news...he has been placed on the donor list for a new lung -- and not only is he on the list, he has been placed at number one in the entire Chicagoland area. Woo hoo! So that means we are just waiting for the call to hear that a healthy lung is ready for him. It weighs heavy on my heart to think that someone else's life has to end in order for Ken's life to be saved, but I know that if I were to die, that I would be happy to know that my organs could help someone else to live a longer life. I encourage you all to consider being a donor and to sign the back of your driver's licenses. It is also important to talk to your families about your wishes. I would think that it would be comforting for a family to know that a part of their loved one is living on in someone else's body. Please keep Ken in your prayers.
These were taken last fall.

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