Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Piece of History - Photo Restoration

The most important aspect of being a photographer, to me, is capturing historic moments that can be viewed by generations to come. As a photographer, I am creating heirlooms and priceless memories that can not be replaced.
I was honored to work on a few projects recently that will assist in preserving some special moments in history that will never be recreated.
This photo below was taken by a staff photographer at the Chicago Tribune in July of 1953. This is Chad's dad, on the right, and his twin brother on the left. At the age of two, they were picked up by the police for wandering almost one mile away from home. They were spotted walking down the street together holding hands at 66th and Normal Blvd. in Englewood. The photo below was taken at the Chicago Police Department while they were waiting to be picked up by their parents.


After photo restoration:

This is another photo that was badly damaged and in danger of being eventually destroyed. This is a family friend's favorite photo of his parents. He had it restored for his mother.



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