Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Quickest Roadtrip in History

We set out in the early, I mean early, morning for our whirlwind trip to Beaver, Pennsylvania. It was still dark out when we left our house. The sun came up and the morning turned into a beautiful day as we drove east on I-80 and we enjoyed the scenery of cows, cornfields and rest stops.

We were headed to celebrate the life of a wonderful lady, Grandma Carrell, who was 93 years old. Unfortunately, my father-in-law, Ken (still recovering remarkably from his lung transplant last month), could not make it to say goodbye to his mom.

This is my sister-in-law, Mary, at the wake. She is named after her grandma.

Brynnie in polka dots.

After the services we were able to spend some time downtown Beaver, PA. Some sections of this small, all-American town make you feel like you are stepping back in time. It is the type of town that you can see kids riding their bikes down the streets lined with huge trees, homeowners working in their yards and neighbors saying hello as you pass by.

This is an original brick road in front of the home that Ken shared with his 9 (yes 9!) brothers and sisters. He is the baby of the family.

Their modest little home.

We took our time strolling down the main street in downtown Beaver. Auntie Mary and Brynn stopped to share an iced tea.

The smells of the flowers in bloom and all the vibrant colors made for such an enjoyable day.

Grandma Carrell lived in the apartment above the cutest little shoppe filled with collectibles.

A slice of Americana. Just a random red door that I loved.

Then we were back in the car heading home to Chicago before we even knew what hit us. It was a nice little break mid-week.

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