Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2 weeks and counting...

Well, my sister is on the final countdown and has gone in to hiding. I was able to sneak in a few shots of her last week. She is so ready for Baby Ella to get here...the nursery is all ready and Brynn even had a chance to try everything out to make sure Ella would be happy in there. She tested the toys, books, changing table, rocking chair and even took a 3 1/2 hour nap in Ella's crib (which is unheard of!) to ensure it was a suitable sleeping arrangement for her baby cousin on the way. Poor Ella, everything that was new, has all been used now. Courtney said Brynn even left a little drool mark on the crib sheets so she had to wash them again :) Court, I guess you can relate, you always got my hand-me-downs too.

Ella Grace, we can't wait for you to arrive -- and neither can your mom! The sooner the better :)

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  1. Thanks for fitting me in your busy schedule Kel! Sooner the better is right!! :) C