Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Molly & Ed

I have to say, this is one of the coolest engagement sessions I have done, so far. Molly and Ed are HUGE Cubs fans, so where else would we do their engagement photos besides Wrigley?

It sure was a hot one...we were sweating profusely as the noon sun beat down on us from above.

Molly and Ed were in Florida two weeks ago to see the Cubs play there as well. They are die hard. I think this is their "happy place."

Such a cute couple.

Ed was like a kid in a candy store when my good friend Andrea hooked us up and got us access to the field. Thank you Andrea!!! I totally owe you one!

He was such a good sport while we were taking their photos -- I am sure all he wanted to do was actually watch the game ;)

We even got to go in the dugout :)

Ed & Molly, thank you for a wonderful day. It was so nice getting to know you and talking about all the mutual friends we have in common. Too bad it wasn't such a good day for the Cubbies :(
I can't wait for your wedding in December!

This little guy was going to town on his "drums" outside of the field. He was so cute and I loved that he kept taking breaks to take a swig of his "Big Gulp" Slurpee. Thanks for the pic little man.

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