Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reagan, Nathan & Georgia

I LOVE it when I have repeat clients...it means that they loved the images from their first session and they enjoyed working with me. It is a great compliment. I met Reagan, Nathan & Georgia last summer (2007) on one of the hottest days that year. But that didn't slow them down one bit. They were off and running from the second I saw them...and I was right there with them, rolling on the ground, running around and capturing their precious emotions as they played and were just doing what kids do.

I couldn't believe how much they have grown up in the past year. It was so sweet to see them at their grandparents' house and watching them play in their grandpa's '57 Chevy (what a brave soul he was for volunteering his vintage momento for this shoot!).

Reagan was in the driver's seat first.

Reagan's cousin, Nathan, was just hanging out and riding 'shotgun.'

Nathan's twin sister, Georgia, was chillin' in the back with the top down.

Then Nathan took the girls for a spin, almost literally. The gears on these old cars will shift without the car being on. He shifted into neutral and they started moving! I wasn't worried that they would go too far, except the fact that they were headed straight for my new car made me a little nervous ;) I love the two little heads in the backseat.

I did some experimenting with the editing/post processing on these images. I wanted a vintagy- old school feel to them. This one I tried a little bit of the"70's Magazine" photoshop action from itty bitty actions. I am not sure, the jury is still on on this coloring...what do you think? I do think it makes it look like it is from the 70's.

You may want to get your Kleenex out now....Nathan & Georgia sadly lost their mom this summer to Lupus (an autoimmune disease, one that takes on several forms and can affect any part of the body, but is most commonly attacks the skin, joints, the heart, lungs, blood, kidneys and brain.) She was afflicted with this disease when she was 17 and she gave it a good fight. I could not stop thinking about them on my way home and how it is so unfair that their mom will not be able to see theses images of them. Sorry to digress, let's get back to happy thoughts...

Their grandma plays a special role in their lives.

As does their dad who is doing a great job with them on his own.

Love this brotherly-sisterly love.


Reagan and her mommy.

Nathan liked one of my new hats. He looks so handsome and so grown up.

Where's Waldo?

Thank you for such a fun prop for a shoot and for letting me into your lives again this year. I have been thinking about you all a lot. I hope you enjoy your images and I wish you guy all the best. Much love ;) K

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