Thursday, October 16, 2008


There aren't many people I know who work harder, persevere through adversity and step up to a challenge with a smile on their face, like my super hero aunt, Patricia. When she let me take some shots of her, I made a conscious effort to capture not only her aesthetic 'prettiness', but also her deep inner beauty. She has raised four adorable kids (3 teenagers at once!) all by herself and has done a bang-up job. She has done what it takes to provide for their every need without taking the time for herself that she deserves.

It is from her that I have gotten my artistic and creative genes, not to mention my ability to 'cut a rug.' Her photos of my sister and I and all my cousins are what inspired me to be a photographer. A big THANK YOU to my Aunt Pat.

By the way, that is her real eye color.

I even got my cousin Katie, Brynn's hero, in on the action. LOVE those O'Reilly freckles!

Here are some of my favorite photos of hers...
Me and my sis, Courtney.


I am sure my parents will be thrilled I posted this up are about 24 years old here. Puppy love!! Still going strong today...just celebrated their 31st anniversary on October 2nd. Congrats Momma Lynnie & Daddio!

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