Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I think everyone's favorite holiday is Christmas, myself included, but Halloween comes in a close 2nd. I love traditions, so I am so excited that Brynn is now at the age where she gets excited about holidays. She loved carving her pumpkin and cooking the seeds. We had the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon on the got us in the mood for Halloween.

These are all just snapshots...

During the day on Halloween we met up with Courtney, Ella, my mom (Mimi) and my aunt Ann for some trick-or-treating at all the shops on 3rd Street in Geneva. It was a gorgeous fall day...the warmest Halloween in 10 years in Chicago! All my memories of Halloween growing up entail finding a costume for trick-or-treating that would fit over a snowsuit.

Ella was a good little witch. Check out her heels...I got them at a specialty shop in Geneva for a shower gift for Court. They are called "Heelarious." You can get them here.

I was a little worried that people wouldn't know what Brynn was dressed up as...but everyone knew right away. Can you tell??

If you guessed Bindi Irwin, The Jungle Girl you are correct! The Crocodile Hunter's daughter.

Brynn got some great treats...she had to stop after each store we went in to try another piece of candy. Here she is taking a break.

Auntie Ann and Mimi were contributing to her sugar binge by helping her open up the little pieces of candy. Brynn was on cloud 9. She has such a sweet tooth (which she got from her dad). Just look at her face -- she is on a total sugar high.

Did I mentioned it was a beautiful day?

Since Brynn ate all of her candy as fast as she accumulated it, we went to Chad's mom's, Nana's, for some more trick-or-treating and more candy. Her decorations are always top notch.

Their neighbors were giving out WHOLE candy bars! That NEVER happened when I used to go trick-or-treating!

Brynn and her Nana.

Chad and I went to a Halloween Party later that night. Can you tell who he is?

Ha! Can you tell who I am?

Can you tell me apart from the real Amy Winehouse? ;)

There were some GREAT costumes - not entirely politically correct, but isn't that what dressing up for Halloween is all about? Bill & Erin won best couple's costume...

A-Rod & Madonna

Sponge Bob!

I must have been in character here, not sure what I was doing. You may recognize Nicole from our apple picking maternity shoot...what else can you dress up as than a pumpkin when you are that prego?? :)

Guess who won 1st place??? Man, don't I look just like her? Very attractive.

Remember Rerun from "What's Happening"?

Hope you all had a fab Halloween too!

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  1. Brynn looked so cute! I loved her costume, she looked just like her!