Sunday, November 23, 2008

Noel Rose Hair Studio

"Following your dream" is something that I always heard people say and it always sounded so cliche to me. Personally, I always thought, why wouldn't I 'follow my dream' and do what I was always meant to do? It just took me a while to figure out what it was I was meant to do. I loved working as a paralegal, and for a while I thought "my dream" was to go to law school. Had I gone that route, I think I would have had a mediocre sense of happiness, but I think it would have sufficed. However, fate steered me in other directions...

My friend, Erika, is similar to entrepreneurial spirit, a go-getter -- it just took us both a little time to figure out what it was we wanted. After graduating from college, she proceeded to beauty school, but still hadn't quite found her niche as she worked for other salons. Eight months ago, Erika found herself back in school for nursing, but something just didn't feel right.

Here is Erika today, a beautiful business owner following her dream. I was lucky enough to spend some time at her new salon in Chicago, Noel Rose is on N. Halsted just north of Wrightwood (way too close to LaBamba, my favorite burrito place). She is open for business and her website will be up and running soon, so she needed some promotional shots and head shots for her and her "girls." I was more than honored to oblige...

They make a formidable team.

These girls were so much fun to shoot and were totally workin' for the camera.

Is she not a walking advertisement for a salon??? I went in there and thought, can you make me look just like you? ;)

Josie, the sultry makeup artiste.

Bubbly Tamikcah.

Sassy Yvette

Flirty Melissa

Erika and her dad did an outstanding job with the renovations. The place looks phenomenal and is so warm and inviting. Her color palette is perfect.

Come let these girls pamper you and make you look gorgeous. Give them a call at 773-325-1695 and schedule your appointment to get your hair 'did.'

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