Monday, December 1, 2008

We made it!

Reality hit hard last night at we pulled back into Chicago and we saw the snow covering everything. Just on Saturday we were looking at this:

Now, this was us today shoveling the driveway:

Brynn loved it though. I couldn't keep her inside.

Our roadtrip was a success, we all survived. Our weather in Florida was perfect and I got my pale Irish skin nice and tan :) We did a lot of relaxing and spending time on the beach.

We got to watch the Bears' game last week against the Rams at Doc's in Bonita Springs which was the official "Relocated Bears' Fans'" Headquarters. This was my view from my barstool, not bad:

The Bears' fans came out of the woodwork. Everyone was all decked out. My sister-in-law, Mary, and her bf, Wes.

I couldn't resist the blue skies, so I headed down to get some sun on the beach during the game...they had it in the bag anyway.

Brynn loved the beach. Is Baywatch in her future? Hmmm...

We all loved looking for shells and loved spending time with family.

Brynn loved chasing any bird she could possibly get close enough to harass.

Chad's cousin's husband grew up in Florida and he treated us with a little tradition that was the coolest meal I have ever had: a "Low Country Boil."

It was a delicious mix of shrimp, mushrooms, corn on the cob, potatoes, and carrots.

We all had to wear our bibs while we cracked our crab legs....mmmmm. Everything was so good. It was considered a sin to use any utensils.

The recipe is top secret with several steps for boiling and seasoning. I could tell you, but I would have to kill you.

More time at the beach. Brynn picked up snorkeling as a new hobby.

As you can see, we ate a lot on our trip. We had the most amazing Thanksgiving feast.

And it was back to the beach...

And when we went to all the beaches we could on the west coast of Florida, we headed over to the east coast for a little South Beach action. The water was the most beautiful aqua. We really enjoyed it until we saw a live jelly fish headed our way, then we were out of there.

Then it was time to head home. We made a day of it and hit Sharkey's for lunch in Venice Beach.

This beach is one of two in the world where sharks' teeth wash up on the beach. Not sure of the scientific explanation for that, but it was cool.

A little "Sunshine Skyway" action as we headed through Tampa. I took this while standing out of the sunroof going about 65 mph.

As with any good roadtrip, you're always going to get a little excitement on way...this poor family lost everything is this camper fire. We were the fourth car stopped behing them by the fire trucks and police and we got to see this all go down first hand. Being the photojournalist that I am, I had to document it ;)

Safe travels everyone. I hope all of your Thanksgivings were better than this family's.

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