Thursday, February 12, 2009

Saving my butt...many times over

So I mentioned the computer problems I have been having, but now that those are hopefully in my past, I have to give a huge shout out to the peeps that made that happen. Charlie Klemm and Chris Klemm at ConsultNet, Inc. rock my world. This is not the first time I have called Charlie, near tears, pleading with him to reassure me all was going to be ok. My home desktop crashed in a major way about a year and half ago. All my precious memories of Brynn's first year, all my music, all that is important to me...GONE. It was truly touch and go for while, but Charlie pulled out all the stops and hooked me up like no other. I am forever grateful for these guys.
If your personal computer or your business computers need any work done at all, give these guys a call. You will not be disappointed! They are available 24/7 (although I do try to wait for business hours to call and harass them).
Here are just some of the services they provide:
Common Services for our Business customers:

Computer and Network Maintenance
Hardware and Software Sales
General Tech Support
Secure Remote Access
Virus/Spyware Solutions
Domain Registration and DNS Hosting
Web Design
Email Hosting (
VPN Solutions
Network Printer, Fax, and Scanner Install

Common Services for our Residential customers:

Virus and Spyware Prevention
Hardware and Software Sales
Operating System Maintenance/Upgrades
Software Installation/Repair
Internet Setup (SBC, Comcast, etc.)
Home Network Security
They are located downtown Geneva, but you can check them out here or give them a call at 630.208.1918.
Thanks again Charlie & Chris!!!

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