Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hangin' out in the "C.W."

Well, my first destination wedding was a success. What a cool place to visit. The weather could not have been better too. Who knew it was so warm in Williamsburg, Virginia this time of year?

Faye and I got in town on Friday and explored as much as we could as fast as our pregnant bodies would allow us. We needed another three days to see it all.

This guy was an "independent storyteller" and was talking some nonsense about "back on the reservation" and showed us some funky herbs he put in his pipe. We weren't really sure if he was in character or what was going on, but he did show us his pipe made of reindeer. Whatever he smoked in it sure made him happy.

Colonial Williamsburg a/k/a "C.W." has some great shops and restaurants.

We opted for a nighttime ghost walk to hear some history and local folklore. Our guide warned us that the tour was not for the "easily frightened." Unfortunately I could not take any more photos as they took us in to the local homes and shared the stories passed down from generations. One of the houses Ben Franklin used to hang out at.

I can not wait to share the wedding images. Coming soon!

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  1. What great photos Kelly. I especially love the collage you made of the trip. So neat and fun to read:) We'll have to visit Williamsburg one day now. See you in July!! Melissa K.