Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Megan & Jeff: Wedding - Dallas, TX

Whew, all this traveling sure has made the past month fly by. I have made some great memories with some great couples and I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I do. My time spent in Dallas/Ft. Worth was extra special to me for two reasons, the first being Chad and I lived there for two years right after we were married. It was an experience I will never forget and would recommend it to any set of newlyweds...go live somewhere you have never been before and where you know no one (or only one family, in our case). You will learn how to rely on each other in ways you never thought imaginable. We met some amazing, life-long friends, lived like tourists and made the most of every day. More on our trip coming soon, but I wanted to share the second reason why this trip was so special...Megan & Jeff's wedding.

Megan's family has a special place in my heart as her parents and my parents have been BFF's since high school. Both couples have been together happily since high school - through thick and thin, ups and down, trials and tribulations, conquering cancer and wars. I have deep admiration for them and try to model my view on marriage after them. When those vows are taken, it is a forever promise to do all you can to make your marriage a priority. Our parents are actually getting together this weekend in South Carolina (or is it North? I get them so confused!) this weekend to rent Harley's and enjoy some R&R with all their high school friends.

Megan's family moved to Dallas from Chicago when she was very young. Her dad is now a Colonel in the Marines and it was his different positions he held with the military that brought them down south and made it where they call home. Had they never moved down to Texas, she would not have met the love of her life, Jeff.

All the festivities, besides the ceremony, were held at the brand-new, gorgeous Hilton Bella Harbor Dallas/Rockwall. The day was a little warm...a balmy 96 degrees and sunny.

Megan's grandma and a bridesmaid watching as she puts on the final touches.

I loved Megan's mom's reaction as she took a first look at her beautiful daughter on her wedding day.

Megan is the spitting image of her mom...it is almost scary ;) They are the cutest!

In the bridal suite...

Dad's first look at his eldest daughter before he walks his baby down the aisle.

And we can't forget Jeff, the sharp dressed groom. Since I shot this wedding by myself, I did not get to spend any time with the guys beforehand :( As we all know, the wedding day is all about the bride ;)

He waited anxiously for his bride to make her grand entrance.

As Megan's dad welcomed the guests, he mentioned that he was proud of Megan who made a great decision by choosing to marry Jeff. He also said the best decision he ever made was marrying his wife many years ago. It made me a little choked up ;)

I don't know why, but I just love it when there is a menu at the place settings. It is not a menu with a choice of what you would like to eat, but rather an informative list of what will soon be served. It takes away the guessing game of: beef or chicken? ;)

The theme for the day was "On the Lake"...the hotel was on the lake, Megan and Jeff got engaged on Jeff's family's boat on their lake...so boating, water, and fun in the sun are important to them both. How fitting is this groom's cake? And how delicious does this look???

I loved their fancy champaign flutes.

I loved this grabshot from when Megan was getting ready to throw her bouquet.
Then the party got started...

Instead of bubbles or sparklers, they opted for a candlelight getaway at the end of the night as they made their way to the bridal suite.

That is the full moon at the top of this image. It was such beautiful night.

Megan & Jeff, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a wonderful day. It was so beautiful and I hope you are enjoying your time in St. Lucia. I wish you both all the best and a very long and happy life together.

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