Friday, September 18, 2009


The name "Kyler" is a dutch name that Chad and I picked to go with our last name. If Brynn was a boy, she was going to be named this. The name that we were going to use - as I mentioned when I did the session this summer with Wilson and his younger brother - was "Bennett." I thought of Kyler as "Bennett" for about three months while I was prego. In the end, we just decided to stick with our original choice.

Kyler eats, sleeps and snuggles. He is wonderful and I now know why people love babies. Brynn jaded us for a while there. I have renewed faith in the infant population.

I had a random memory come back to me a few days ago. During delivery I had my iPod set to play all Kenny Chesney to take me to a happy place. Well, ironically during the time the anesthesiologist came in to give me my much desired epidural, the song "Never Wanted Nothin' More" was playing. Sweet poetic justice.

I am headed back to work tomorrow for a wonderful wedding that I am so excited to be a part of. They are getting ready at the Herrington Inn in Geneva and the wedding and reception are at Boonies at Tanna Farms Golf Course. I have been missing shooting weddings! Can't wait to see all of the bride's creativeness (not a word?) come together.

I was fortunate enough to have my girlfriend, Dawn Bergeron, stop by and she grabbed these great shots of Ky and I. I am adjusting well at home and Chad has been a wonderful help this week. It will be hard to see him go back to work :(

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