Saturday, October 24, 2009

8 years!

Time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe that Chad and I are celebrating our 8 year anniversary today. What a ride it has been. I can honestly say each year only gets better. We have a super fun overnight planned at the Herrington Inn in Geneva in a few weeks with a special spa package. We stayed there on our wedding night, but have not been back together since. I can't wait!

This fall is just flying by. My calendar has been booked solid since Ky was born. He will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and I feel like it is all a blur. I am pretty much booked until December when I will be taking some time off for the holidays to put my family first. We will be spending the week of Thanksgiving in Florida again this year and this time I am NOT bringing my computer! ;) Any holiday card orders need to be placed by Friday, November 13th.

Chad and I enjoyed our first night out together alone a few weeks ago. Watch out Kenny, I may have a new country favorite...Gary Allan put on a great show at the House of Blues and we had a great time. This pic quality is not so good, but it was just my point and shoot.

We also went up north to Door County last weekend with my family for Fall Fest in Sister Bay. It was Kyler's first trip out of the womb ;) I had to take him to the Sister Bay Beach where Chad and my bro-in-law, Adam, were seriously considering becoming part of the Polar Bear Club.

I have mentioned many times how Brynn will not let me take her picture, but I think she may have found a way to be involved in photography without getting her photo taken...she took my D50 and went to town. She took all the following pics. What do you think? I think she has an eye for sure!

She is hilarious with that huge camera. She would take a shot, then look at it, readjust and re-shoot. I think she has been keeping a close eye on her mama.
She was also cracking me up the last few weeks trying to figure out what she was going to be for Halloween. It literally changed hourly...skunk, cheerleader, ladybug, witch, mermaid, coyote, etc. I have the say, the best, most creative idea she came up with was to be a "Cheeto." LOL. Yes, an orange, puffy, cheet-o, like the kind you eat. Someone must have told her, "You are what you eat." ;) Anyhoo, she decided to be a witch. Some days it's a mean witch and others it is a nice witch. We bought the costume, so there is no turning back now.
Here are some of my shots from the weekend.

If you ever go to "Fall Fest" you have to get the sweet corn. Brynn and I shared about 4 or 5 ears. Mmmm.

I hope my Great-Aunt Trudy doesn't read my blog...because I am so busted if she does. Yes, this is her chair from her living room that I temporarily relocated to a field across the street from her house. Isn't it a cool chair though?
This image totally sums up the personalities of Brynn and my niece Ella. Brynn is a free-spirit who does what she wants. Ella is a pleaser who will sit put and smile.

I have always wanted to do one of these trampoline things when I have seen them at Swedish Days in Geneva. Court and I took advantage and decided to do it while there was no one around we knew to see us.
It was nothing like we thought it was going to be. We were strapped in there so tight that we both walked away with bruises on our groins, no joke. We are both still recovering.

The first 3 weeks of Ky's life Brynn could not remember his name. She kept referring to him as "that baby"..."Mom, can I hold that baby?" Then she just starting calling him "John-o" which cracked us up because that is what we call my Grandpa John.
By the way, she did drop out of gymnastics :( But her teacher was trying to train her for the Olympics and was a little gruff for Brynn's liking. On the other hand, she LOVES pre-school and her teacher, Mrs. Parrington. On a random note, she just told me that Johnny Cash is her favorite and her favorite song is "Ring of Fire." She is so quirky!
Check out this golden moment I caught:

Isn't Ky huge??

Happy Tuesday!

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