Friday, November 13, 2009

Beautiful Belly

The population must be booming with all these babies on the way ;) How cute is this family????

They are expecting baby #2 in December and if this baby is anywhere near as cute as baby #1, then this will make their family even cuter, if that's even possible.

Sawyer, you are the sweetest!

The boys.

Tori knew I love Anthropologie, so she brought this dress along for me. It's not even a maternity dress and she was rockin' it like no one else could.

I love how Sawyer is leaning over to get a better look at his mom & dad.
Sawyer, what are they doing??

This girl is the definition of "feroshe." As in, short for "ferocious." You radiate ferociousness.


Tori, Nate & Sawyer, thank you so much letting me take your photos. I am so excited for you and your impending arrival of #2. Rest up now! ;)

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