Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quench Gum

I had one of those moments when you catch a faint hint of a smell -- whether it's cologne, pot roast cooking, or rain on the grass -- but it transports you to another time, another place. The smell I smelled was, unfortunately, none of the above. It was that Quench Gum that they sell at Sports Authority. Brynn wanted to try some as she saw it sitting on the counter calling her name. I smiled inside as I bought her a piece for $.15 and noticed that my mouth had a twinge of salivation. She popped it in her mouth and that was when I smelled it.

I was instantly transported to a sweaty, humid, stifling hot gym with no ventilation. It was where I spent so many of my summer mornings from 8th grade through high school. Mr. Brunnell's Summer Basketball Co-Ed Conditioning Camp.

The coveted and prestigious "Quench Gum" was awarded only to the elite and to those whom excelled. Whether it was winning a game of "Knock-out" or being the fastest to run a "Suicide," the "Quench Gum" somehow eluded me. No matter how hard I tried, I never was awarded the gum. And trust me, I tried hard. Especially when those senior boys were watching ;)

That's fine. I can buy my own.

Luckily, I now get to spend my summer mornings doing something I love. Like spending time with Addison who is on my baby plan. We had a great time at her three month old session.

Happy Summer!!!!

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