Friday, June 25, 2010

Run Forrest, Run.

I am so used to shooting little girls, so I was really looking forward to shooting Tyler. I brought him a special surprise and thought to myself, "He will love this, and he will love me, and we are going to be BFF's."

Well, it didn't exactly go down like that ;) I tend to be on the more optimistic side of life. I think it drives Chad crazy about me. He says he is a realist...but I say he's a pessimist. Boo.

Anyhoo, Tyler and I got off to a little rough start, i.e. him running away from me and not wanting anything to do with my cute, little Radio Flyer tricycle I brought for him to ride on. I had visions of Tyler riding down the sidewalk on the tricycle, laughing, smiling, birds chirping, the sun shining. Well, I did eventually make my vision come to life, but not before I had to pull out the big guns: Cookie bribery. Thank you Hahn's Bakery for being there for us!

Hmm, decisions, decisions...

mmm, yes please...

We settled on a baseball cookie.

He even shared with mom ;)

cookie crumbs.

Then Tyler got lucky and got to play in the Geneva Police Jeep and turn on the lights and siren.

I think he decided I was alright...he gave me a little eye contact...sort of.

Tyler, thank you for bringing me back to reality, sweet cheeks.

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