Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chicago to Phoenix to Salt Lake City to Phoenix to Atlanta to Chicago

It isn't really funny, but it kind of is.  Chad was supposed to be flying home last night from Phoenix with a quick layover in Salt Lake City.  However, somewhere over the Grand Canyon, the plans changed.  His flight to Salt Lake was delayed which caused him to miss his connecting flight home.  So the obvious option to get home would be to fly back to Phoenix, then Atlanta, then Chicago.  That makes so much more sense.

Well, luckily he made it home safe and sound (at 9:30am this morning).  That is all that matters.

Justine & Edgar avoided the travel complications and celebrated their marriage with a "staycation."

I was lucky enough to shoot at the Hotel Baker again for my last wedding there this season.  I was also lucky to meet such a fabulous couple and spend the day with them and their families.  Honestly, the best thing about my job is always meeting new, awesome people.  These people did not disappoint.

The Flower Girl.

The First Look.

Edgar's abuelita.

Justine's Grandpa Frank.

Justine & Edgar, thank you so much for a wonderful day.  I wish you both the best and am so lucky to have met you and your families.

Also, a big thank you to Erica Marten for helping me out in Faye's bed-ridden absence.  Thank you Erica!  

Faye, can't wait for those babies to get here.  Keep those buns in the oven!

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