Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stella & Dot and Gigi Hill

I have a weak spot in my heart for entrepreneurial, motivated, creative, artistic women.  I love a hard-worker and a real go-getter.  I have featured some of these such women on here before (Kathy at Veiled in Elegance, the 610 Home girls, etc.)  I wanted to direct your attention to some new products out there that I am crazy about and am sure you will be too.

My good friend Diane from college has become a part of the Stella & Dot team and I am real proud of her.  I went to her jewelry party a few weeks ago and was able to snap a few quick shots with my point and shoot while my children pulled on my pant legs and whined.

There are lots of great incentives for hosting your own party if you are interested in some super cute, trendy eye candy.  I am going to add one more incentive: If you book a party of your own or buy a piece of jewelry at a party, I will give you 50% off a photo session in your new jewels.

You can contact Di at  Tell her I sent you.

After hosting my Gigi Hill Bag party in February, I have been loving using my bags and always get a compliment on them wherever I go.  I never posted these pics from my party (at least I don't think I did) and figured I would spread the love for these bags again.

Once again, these are just snapshots...

and what chick party would be complete without some cocktails...

...including mine & Courtney's creation, the signature "Gigi-tini"...

which went perfectly with some great snacks and good, quality girl time.

To host a Gigi Hill party or order your adorable bag, contact Michelle at

Happy Thursday!

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