Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Ol Blue Eyes

Thank goodness for the internet.  Christmas shopping has never looked so good.  I finally got started last Friday and the packages are starting to arrive in the mail.  Chad and I went out last night until 10pm putting a good dent in the rest of the shopping.  Now on to the wrapping.  Ugh!

Don't get me wrong, I love the "reason for the season" and the gift is just finding the time to do it all that stresses me out.  Speaking of which, I will not be booking any sessions in January (other than the ones already on my calendar) with the hopes of packing up my house and movin' on up.  

I also wanted to mention that I have two seats left in my February 10th workshop if you are interested in coming to hang out with an exceptional group of women for a day.  I am so excited about all the attendees...all are smart, creative and fun girls.  I can not wait!  Men are welcome too ;)  Don't be scared!

This little man wasn't scared of me...even though I wanted to eat him up!

I have to mention, I have not done anything to digitally alter the natural, electric blue color of Kellen's eyes.  Those are all genetics baby.

Kellen's mom worked at The Paper Merchant in Geneva for about ten years, so we had free reign of the store.  I was ecstatic.

I think he may be picking up where his mom left off.  Gift wrapping anyone?

We were celebrating Kellen's 1st birthday.  What better way to celebrate than with peppermint gelato from Graham's 318?

A big thank you to Kellen's Aunt Brittany for coming along and being so helpful.  Brit is a loyal "Vander-blogger" :)  Love you!

Happy Thursday!

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