Wednesday, August 31, 2011

maternal instinct

I took Brynn to the pool one last time this past weekend before it closed for the season.  For some reason, she chose the day before the pool closed for the winter to take the deep water swim test.  She was determined to go down the "drop slides" by herself that day.  The regular water slides just weren't going to cut it.

Being a seasoned Sunset Pool Lifeguard, I explained to her how the test works.  Now you jump in at this end and you follow the blue line on the pool floor until you reach the other side.  Her bravery is something that always blows me away...kindergarten shots? meh!  Splinter in her foot?  Bring on the tweezers.  She jumped in like a champ and swam as fast as her little arms and legs would let her.  She did great, and I was so proud that she was going to pass the swim test at five years old.  

Then I saw the little eyeballs get really, really big and they looked over at me quickly filling with tears as I walked along next to her.  She was three-quarters across the length of the pool, but she had gone on a slight diagonal which landed her out in the middle of no-man's land.  Too far from the wall to grab on, too far to finish the test.  I panicked.  My cover-up and sunglasses came off and my 26 week pregnant belly jumped in for my baby girl.  I couldn't touch either, so when I reached her I realized I wasn't sure this was one of my better decisions.  She latched on to me and we went under.  

There was no way I was going to rescued by a lifeguard that used to be me, so I somehow managed to get her over to the side of the pool and she happily climbed out saying "Thanks Mom.  Maybe I will try again next year."  I held on to the side of the pool and waved at the lifeguard to let her know we were a-ok.  All except for my pulled groin and my embarrassment of how ridiculous I must have looked jumping in from the side of the pool in all my round glory.

There's always next year.

Congrats Kristi, Jeff & Addison on your little one on the way.  Kristi, may your maternal instinct always kick in when necessary ;)

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