Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Donut Nazi

The good news is I have gotten my appetite back.  The bad news is I have gotten my appetite back.

Last week in Door County, I partook in many of the culinary favorites that are so nostalgic to us...Swedish pancakes at Al Johnson's (which I had go eat by myself because it wasn't really a mealtime and no one else was interested -- I, on the other hand absolutely had to have it at that exact moment and could not wait), ice cream at Wilson's, and my all-time favorite, the chocolate donuts from Piggly Wiggly.

Now, let me tell you...those donuts at Piggly Wiggly, or the "Piglet" as Brynn calls it, are like the super-duper-secret cake donut recipe that you have to ask for by name.  They do not keep them in the glass case in front.  They are only for the few and the lucky who know about them and ask that they be brought from the super-duper-secret back room.  They are quite stingy with these donuts unless you pre-order them the night before.  I am not quite sure who they are saving them for.  I am pretty sure the Queen will not be in Sister Bay, Wisconsin anytime soon.  So in the meantime, they can just give them to me.

Poor Courtney took the brunt of the "Donut Nazi's" wrath last year when she went in to get our morning dozen on our last day.  I had been going in every morning with my kids because we were always the first ones awake.  At this point the "Donut Nazi" had had enough of me showing up unannounced and without having ordered in advance and took it out on Court, thinking it was me...LOL.  Apparently we weren't aware of the protocol to obtain said donuts.  This year, needless to say, Court sent me the number for the bakery so I could order them in advance.  No donuts for you!

I am bummed to say I don't have any photos of these infamous donuts, but trust me, they are delish.

Believe it or not, I am headed out of town again this weekend, but this time it is for business.  I am shooting a wedding in Jamaica.  Ciao until next week.  Still so many sessions to share!  Will I ever get caught up???

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