Monday, September 19, 2011

Shut the front door!

I am not sure what the odds were of Chad and I having twins naturally...especially after Faye had twin boys just one year ago.  So the fact that our best friends, Tony & Nicole, are now going to be part of the club, means we should all start playing the lottery.

Seriously, do NOT drink the water around these parts.  I am not sure where we all went wrong.

Triplets run in Nicole's family, so when I wished twins upon them when I got pregnant, I was only half joking.  Now I kind of feel bad ;)

If we ever get to go out as a family for dinner together again (which I doubt...unless it is for high school graduation), looks like a Party of 12 it is!

Brynn loves her Anthony!

I am still having a hard time comprehending how all our lives are going to change.  Nicole, I pray you get that girl you have been so patient for.

We couldn't have better friends to experience this with than you guys.  Here's to the beginning of the end of our lives!  ;)  xoxo

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