Wednesday, October 5, 2011

baby update

I mentioned we did family pics with my friend Erica Marten a few weeks ago.  I was so grateful to her for squeezing us in.  This year Brynn was quite cooperative, it was Kyler that gave us a run for our money.  He was quite difficult to pin down.  I was sweating and exhausted by the time we were done.

Also, just wanted to keep you in the loop with a Baby A & Baby B update.  My days are spent going to doctor appointments it seems.  Last week we had an important ultrasound as they measured the growth and the "doppler."  Here is an email Chad sent to his family and I think he summed it up quite nicely:

Today we went for Kelly's appointment where they measure the size, "Doppler" (fluid movement in the cord from placenta to the babies), and all of the other vital...heartbeat, movement, breathing, etc.

The good news is the babies are continuing to grow.  Today they are 3 lbs 1 oz for Baby "A" and 2 lbs 8 oz for Baby "B".  3 weeks ago they were 2 lbs 5 oz and 1lb 10 oz.  Essentially the weight difference has remained the same @ around 20% difference.  The other good news is they both continue to score a 8/8 on the "Bio Physical" test.  This measures, heart rate, lung functionality, general movement, and something else Kelly and I can't remember....but either way the babies are good so far in those categories.

They are however still concerned about the "Doppler" test indicating movement of fluids from the placenta through the cord to Baby B.  This has actually gotten worse which is something they will keep a very close eye on.  Kelly will have the Doppler test done 3 times per week from here on out.  If it continues to get worse she will either be sent to deliver or sent to the hospital for 24 hour observation.

All in all, the doctor is pleased she has reached the 30 week point and would be very happy if she can make it to 32.  They are very comfortable delivering babies at 32 weeks....average twins deliver at 35 weeks.

Talk to you soon.


I have actually now made it to 31 weeks and 4 days and everyday that these buns stay in the oven is a major plus.  Not to mention I have one last wedding to shoot this weekend and I REALLY want to be there!!

Please Kyler, PLEASE hold my hand!!!  Come HERE!  Ugh!

Ok fine. NO one look at the camera!  Just Dad & I will.

So close!!   KYLER CHAD!!

Erica, thank you so much for the fun evening...even if my family is crazy!  We appreciate it!!


  1. you look AMAZING! It looks like you're pregnant with one baby, not two!
    Congrats on making it this far! Keep baking those buns as long as you can :)

  2. I had so much fun photographing you "and your crazy family"... I owe you for all of your mentorship and friendship. I'm glad to finally be able to return the favor! Prayers for you and those two babies!

  3. Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear you are all hanging in there and those little ones are still growing! Despite all of the chaos, you look absolutely beautiful. Stay strong!