Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did someone say dessert?

February is the month of love, so I thought I would try to finish up posting my weddings from last year.  I still have more to come, including a beautiful red-themed wedding that I am saving for my Valentine's Day post.

Laura & Charlie's big day was last September.  I was scheduled to go on bed rest a couple weeks after this day, so I was so glad I fit this wedding in.  Although, I am not going to lie...I was planning to shoot this one by myself and I was nervous that I might not make it through the day.  I was getting bigger by the minute and my mobility was not good.  I had to call in the reinforcements...enter Faye to the rescue.  She came and helped me finish up the reception when I thought I just might go in to labor.  Kidding, sort of.

Laura & Charlie are the kind of people you just like being around.  They are fun and easy-going and they adore each other. The day was perfection.


When I went back to look at the images from this day, I noticed there must have been about one hundred shots of the dessert table alone.  Think I might have been having some cravings???

Congrats Laura & Charlie!!!  xoxo

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