Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Comic Books & Romance Novels

One day Maggie and her best friend, Erin, were brainstorming ideas for her upcoming wedding and they came up with a theme.  The theme was so perfectly a mix of Maggie & Bryan, they ran with it.  It is rare that I see a wedding theme and color scheme executed so flawlessly from the engagement session all the way through to the last dance.  Not one detail was overlooked.

Maggie is a bookworm and a hopeless romantic who has a passion for all things pertaining to reading and books.  Bryan is a comic bookworm and a self-proclaimed "geek" who likes anything that has to do with video games, super heros, and Star Wars.

Their wedding not only brought their two lives together, it was also an opportunity to display a combination of their passions and interests in an unparalleled way.

 (thank you to Faye for these photos ;)

And if you are contemplating the first look....

...let this reaction convince you.

I have known Maggie's family for what seems like forever.  It was so special to be a part of their baby sister's big day.

A little something blue.

Hands down, best reaction from a groom as he sees his bride walking towards him down the aisle. (Thanks Faye for this shot!  It's classic.)

These two have a ball together.

Now that's a first kiss.

Maggie surprised Bryan with a lightsaber salute.

They opted for the ole' 'sing a song with the word love in it rather than clinking your glasses' trick.


Congrats Maggie & Bryan!  Best of luck on your new lives together in your new place!  xoxo

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  1. Beautiful images, Kelly! The wedding looks like it was not only lovely, but a total blast too! I love all the personal touches!