Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Wonderland Party

All of you parents out there with kids who have birthdays in December or early January...I feel for you.  It  must be so hard to differentiate your kids' birthdays from your holiday celebrations.  They will probably grow up with a complex like most adults I have talked to who have mid to late December birthdays.  

My poor friends, Kristy & Web, have not one, but TWO boys with December birthdays....and it is on the same day, nonetheless.  However, they are doing their best to make sure their birthday parties are separate from Christmas...unfortunately, it will most likely be a double celebration their whole lives ;)  Kind of like twins ;)

They always throw a fantastic Christmas themed party for the boys at their home complete with a visit from the best Santa I have ever seen (no offense Uncle Chris!).  This year she enlisted the talents of Valerie with Charming Touch Parties in Geneva and no detail was overlooked.  

Valerie helped with everything from the invitations to clean-up.  Go give her a "like" on Facebook

We arrived to the party a little late, but I still managed to capture some of the amazing decorations and details.  You know I love good details!

And you can't beat a Christmas tree covered in my photos!!  Woo hoo!!

One of the birthday boys.


I think this was the part of the conversation when Ky asked for a BB gun and Santa told him "You'll shoot your eye out."

I hope all your Christmas preparations are going smoothly.  I am almost finished shopping.  Getting ready to enjoy some time off until the New Year.  Happy New Year everyone!!!  Love ya!  xoxo

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