Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enchiladas & twins

I have been doing Zumba for a few months now.  I truly enjoy it and have been really loyal and getting there as often as possible.  This morning as the wicked wind and snow flurries flew past the windows it occurred to me why I like Zumba so much...the music reminds me of being on vacation in Mexico with our best friends and it makes me want to eat lots of Mexican food every day and drink more margaritas. Ole!

Random post today, but I realized I never shared this progression of pics I took of the boys last year.

2 weeks old

4 months old
(I guess this was their "serious" phase)

8 months old

12 months old
(Best buddies)

They continue to grow like weeds and light up a room when they are in it.  Congrats to my cousin, Patrick, and his wife, Marnie, who are now expecting twins.  Patrick is a twin himself!!  Also, I just want to wish my sister and bro-in-law luck if they decide to have a third child...the odds of them having twins must be ridiculous since everyone I know is having them.  Join the club!

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