Thursday, February 7, 2013

Planning, planning, planning

As you know, wedding preparations begin taking place years in advance...heck, sometimes as early as when we are little girls.  We dream about what our dress will look like and our daddy's walking us down the aisle.

When our Prince Charming comes along, the planning becomes real.  You can plan every last detail, but sometimes the best laid plans can get a hiccup.  You hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

One thing Waleska & Chris could not have planned for was the massive summer storm that blew up out of nowhere on their wedding day...and the electricity it took with it in its angry path.

That's right.  Twenty minutes before Waleska was about to walk down the aisle with her dad, the church lost power.  And it didn't come back on.

Instead of panicking, we made lemonade from lemons.  The result?  One of the most intimate and touching wedding ceremonies I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  Thinking of having a candlelight wedding ceremony?  Yes, please.  (Just make sure your photographer has professional equipment, or it may not be such a happy ending ;)

Kathy at Veiled in Elegance in Geneva hits it out of the park once again.  I love working with her and she makes every bride look their absolute best.  Sidenote: She just got Siri's 2013 Collection.  They are beautiful silk dresses starting at $900!

I love when brides give themselves the "once over."


Is the coast clear? 


Power out.


Faye's angle...breathtaking.

She was able to keep a smile on her face despite the uncertainty that lay ahead.  Had the power not gone out, we would not have gotten these images.  It was a blessing in disguise.


Who needs power??



Luckily, the power came back on as we finished up our formal/family photos and we headed to the reception a block away.

The dachshund on the cake topper was the perfect personal touch.

Faye is so good at following the littles around and capturing adorable moments like this one.


Her something blue.


This was an experience I will never forget.  Congrats Waleska & Chris!

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