Friday, April 19, 2013

"One Day" Sessions

Someone said something to me a while back that really resonated with me and I still think about it every. single. day.  They merely commented on how when you have small children, the days go by so slooooow,  but the years go by way too fast.  Hey all you moms out there: Have you ever heard a truer statement?

I am constantly reminding myself of this when I have one kid on my hip, another climbing my leg, one  yelling from the other room for more juice, and the last one asking me to do her hair...meanwhile I am trying to clean up spilled dish soap on the floor while attempting to make dinner and practice math problems.  Does this sound familiar?

Many of us busy moms are wishing these days would go by faster...the laundry, the dishes, the messes, the constant Ground Hog Day over and over.  But here is what I fear...that I am going to blink and all my kids will be grown and in college or married and living on their own.  Ok, in all honesty, doesn't that sound amazing some days?  A quiet, clean house to myself??  Bring it on.  But I have to remind myself, that will all come in good time.

For now, I continue to enjoy the small moments with our circus family. may be wondering where I am going with this.  I know I can get preachy when it comes to enjoying the "everyday" with your loved ones.  But it is so important.

I met a photographer a few years ago; an old, seasoned artist from England with many strong opinions but a kind heart.  He spoke of something he did with clients several years ago which he called "A Day in the Life"(most likely a play on the words from The Beatles song).  He would spend a day with a client documenting their daily matter how mundane or how exciting.

So moms (and dads), I know there are days we are just passing from one event to the next and trying to "get through" the witching hours and slow days, but how cool would it be to look back at an album in ten or twenty years and have that one day documented that shows what your daily routine was when you had all those little ones depending on you.  Or how great would it be to show your kids what your daily life was like when they were too little to remember?  I wish I could look back on my childhood and see what my toothbrush looked like or what I had in my top drawer of my dresser.

I am offering a new session opportunity to a small number of clients who would like me to come spend the day with them and create a beautiful album of this "One Day."

Although it was hard for me, I attempted to capture "One Day" of our daily life in our house.  Ideally, I would have had someone else capturing these moments so it would be more accurate, but you will get the idea.

Even if you don't have someone take these images for you...try it yourself and do it on your iphone if you have to.  Then put the photos away somewhere you can look at it down the road.  You may not want to see it tomorrow or next week; but when your kids are grown, that is when it will be golden.

Or give your kids your camera...they can help ;)  View their life through their eyes.

Here is a peek at what my daily routine consists of (photos taken back on a cold day back in February):

Good morning!  Ky took this photo of Brynn and myself in my bed after he flipped on the light.  I didn't ask him to take it, but this kind of triggered the idea for shooting that day.  This is our lives.  Unscripted and unedited.

Brynn is constantly trying to weasel her way into our bed in the middle of the night.  Looks like she succeeded this particular night.

Checking morning emails.

Morning snuggles.

Breakfast and some Temple Run.

Breck, our little "Houdini" can get out of any kind of straps or belts no matter how tight they are, so he has been demoted to the floor after continually escaping from his high chair and climbing onto the counter.

One off to school, and then this is what the majority of my day includes:

...keeping these monkeys safe.

Playtime in the basement.

Ugh, only 9:15am??

They love going in their big sissy's room when she is not home.

We do lots of baths and outfits changes in our house.  Someone is always spilling something or getting dirty.

My favorite time of day:  Nap time.  Coming right up.

This is the time of day I run around the house like a madwoman trying to pull it together.  Ky is so good about chilling in his chair and watching Batman so I can get something done.  He always wants me to snuggle him or push him in the swings in our basement, but he waits patiently until it is time for that.


We are not an "organic" diet family.  Don't judge ;)  And I am the cereal lover.

This particular day was a good day as far as laundry goes.  Normally it is four baskets overflowing with about eight loads of clean clothes.  At least they are clean, right?

Ha, just noticed the nearly naked Justin Beiber doll in his skivvies.

Brynnie forgot her glasses.

Maybe I will try to squeeze in some work if I am particularly ambitious.  Normally I don't work on the days the kids are home.  It is too stressful trying to do it all and doing none of it well.

Babies are up.  Ky is always stealing their "ba-bas".

More playtime.

Hey Ry, check out this Instagram.

Exploring big brother's room.

Beebs is home!

More bath time.  Notice I still haven't showered ;)

Dad is home!


Driving the "bus" to run errands.

How we roll.

Yep, bath #3.

Chad is a great cook and a huge help around the house when he is in town.

This is my favorite recipe, my mom's meatloaf.  It is one the few things I can make well.

Somehow I missed lunch this day...we did eat it though.  But it's already dinner time!

And almost time for bedtime stories...

...after my first batch of Rice Krispy treats I ever made.  (I know, lame that I am 35 and had never made them before.)  They were delish.  I am an eater, not a chef/baker ;)

Fellas, get over here and get your jammies on!

My favorite part of the day...

...and the hubs knows how I like to call it a day.  He makes a great chocolate shake.

A little disclaimer:  You did not see a few things that are part of our daily life; B & Ky's constant bickering, B arguing with me about what to wear and saying she doesn't want to go to school, poopy diapers x2, the m-effers I mutter under my breath, the food I clean up off the floor three times a day which almost makes me want another dog, lots more snuggles, all the chairs in the kitchen placed on their sides so the boys can climb them, the trips to Target, etc.

What does your daily routine look like?

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  1. This is such a great idea, I am going to have to do it soon before they are all grown up and married! :-)