Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Playing "catch up"...

Each year as I find myself knee-deep in wedding season, I tell myself I will use my "downtime" in January & February to get caught up with sharing my weddings and sessions I have shot the year before...sounds like a good idea to me...except that NEVER happens!  I have sessions from years and years ago now that have never seen the light of day :(((  I have to apologize to those clients...it is by my own fault that that happens...NOT because I didn't LOVE your photos!

So, here is my attempt at trying to get caught up and spread the love...

I shared some of these photos on Instagram & FB last May...

Meet Ashley & Dan:

This was the day we saw Corey Crawford playing golf :D

 First look with dad:

Always a perk to meet fun & exciting new people!  These two ladies were the bomb.com.

Best dueling pianos around!!  Felix & Fingers 

Congrats Ashley & Dan!!

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