Monday, January 28, 2008

New Year's Resolutions...Status check

Like most people, I have resolutions that I make and try to keep each year. For the past six years, mine have always been the same. There are three things that I struggle with in my daily life; they are not necessarily New Year's resolutions, but just things that I think I should do to remain content and happy with the person that I am. Here are my 'year-round' resolutions:
1. Floss my teeth: Who has time for this? My parents paid good money for my straight teeth, so I owe them to take good care of them, but I HATE flossing! I have no problem brushing at least two, sometimes three times a day, but flossing is the worst!
2. Go to the gym: Considering our gym membership expired last fall, this one is a real challenge ;)
3. Go to church more: Since Brynn was born, we have been quite the slackers. But I started the year off right and we made it to 11am service. Unfortunately, my little buzzer from her "Ladybug" nursery went off just as Pastor Brian was starting his message so I missed the best part. Apparently Brynn is not such a fan of the nursery right now. Maybe we will try again next week.
How are you doing on your resolutions?

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