Saturday, January 19, 2008

Warm Winter Wishes

It is -5 degrees here in Chicago right now with a high of 9 degrees today. I don't think we will be leaving the house today. I enjoy snow and winter sports, but this kind of cold is just ridiculous.

Ok, so technically it is 2 degrees on my back deck.

Along the same lines of it being cold, one of my favorite places to spend time is "Up North" in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at my in-laws' cabin. This year we decided to ring in the new year by relaxing and taking it easy...just another sign that we are entering middle-agedness. It is always nice to go up there and get away from reality -- we get very little cell phone reception and there is no internet, so we are forced to hang out with each other and come up with ways to entertain ourselves.

Brynn's first time on a snowmobile...of course, she wanted to do it herself.

Brynn also had her first experience with ice fishing with her dad and Grandpa Van. She caught some walleye that we ate for dinner that night.

Stay warm!

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