Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No shoes, no shirt, no problems...

Kenny is coming to Soldier Field! My summers are not complete without at least one Kenny concert. Last year we were able to go see him in Dallas and I snuck up into the 4th row (one of the few advantages to being 5'2" tall).

Here are a few shots I got with my point and shoot camera while I was dodging security:

"I'm what I am and I'm what I'm not, but I'm sure happy with what I've got. I live to love and laugh a lot and that's all I need."

"There's something sexy about the rain..."
My mom took this shot of Chad and I trying to stay dry before the show. It poured like a monsoon, but we had a special hookup (thank you Laurel:) and got to hang out with the VIP's.
There is something so appealing to me about Kenny's laid back approach to life. My goal for this year is to make it to front row...I would love to do it legitimately, so if anyone out there can connect me with some sweet seats I am all ears. In return, I will offer a free photo session and as many prints as you want -- Value, at least $500. Front row Kenny seats -- PRICELESS.

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