Friday, February 15, 2008

The Great Northwest Photo Safari - Part II

Ok, so I have been back in town since Sunday, but we are having some major internet connection problems so my blogging has suffered big time. I have also been busy this week cramming for a print competition (more about that later).

Back to our adventures....

We started our day by stopping in the cutest little Norweigan town called Poulsbo, WA. It is here that we got doughnuts the size of our heads.

On our roadtrip around the Washington peninsula and Olympic National Park, we stopped at an abandoned Army artillary bunker in Port Townsend. The lighting was good and mysterious and if you climbed to the top of the bunker there was an incredible view of a quaint little lighthouse.

Here is that lighting I was talking about...

Mark in action

I saw this old, weathered boat left to fend for itself in between the edge of the water and the side of the road and just had to get out and shoot it. My persistance paid off because it scored me an 88 at print comp this week. My first merit print :) This is not the actual presentation of the image that I used, I turned it black and white and put a cool texture on it. I will post it separately.

"Dragging the shutter" :D

After our marathon trip around the peninsula we went into downtown Seattle to see the sights. The fish market was closed, so we went to eat at Ivars and then drove over to the Space Needle.

I had heard that there were Starbuck's on every corner in Seattle, but I thought that was an exaggeration...well it's not. It really is true. On that note, have you ever heard of anyone ordering a coffee with a "quad" shot of espresso in it? I saw Mark do it twice! I guess that is what happens when you live by so many Starbuck's. He has even had a coffee with 16 shots of espresso in it before! I would be doing back flips for sure if I drank that. I can't even handle one cup of coffe with a normal dose of caffeine.

We also took the Bremerton car ferry across the Puget Sound to get home. I grabbed this shot off the back of the ferry while freezing my toosh off. Is that how you spell "toosh"? Tush? If anyone takes a photograph of the ferry you can get arrested due to homeland security reasons...I thought that was interesting and decided to keep my camera pointed towards the shore.

Part III coming soon....

***Edited to add these images of me that I stole from Michael's forum:

Did I mention it was really cold??? A different type of cold...a wet, damp cold that will chill you to the bone.

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