Thursday, April 10, 2008

Terry & Don

To kick off the wedding season, I photographed a wedding in Barrington, Illinois at The Chapel. This was an especially wonderful wedding to be involved in because it was one of my best friends, Faye's, mom getting remarried. The day before the wedding I realized I should probably start calling her Terry, instead of Mrs. Geahos, which was her previous married name. That would have been weird.

I love that she decided to wear blue.

Second weddings are unique because the couples have already been through all the wedding planning, ceremony, etc. It was really cute to see them together and how they acted like young kids in love. It is great that they have a second chance at happiness.

I caught this random shot of the groom waiting outside of the church for his new bride so they could head to the reception. He is holding her bouquet, isn't that sweet. I was thinking, it is probably not the last time he will be waiting for his woman in their many years to come.

The reception was at The Barn of Barrington which is such a historic venue with dramatic lighting. I got to do a mini photo safari before dinner.

Faye & Jay modeling for me. This couch was hella cool.

Ok, so these are not the brides shoes....but aren't they rockin'?

I love the look on her face - it is priceless. Also, check out how trusting he is. He is defenseless - his hands are full.

They are amazing dancers.

Good old "YMCA."

A good time was had by all and I so enjoyed being a part of it. Thank you Terry & Don and best of luck to you both.

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