Thursday, May 29, 2008

Destination Weddings

As the pricetag on traditional weddings rises (almost as quickly as gas prices), more and more brides are opting for the non-traditional "destination wedding." Destination weddings usually take place somewhere tropical, like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico or even in Europe. Believe it or not, destination weddings are usually less expensive than traditional weddings. I came across a site that helps brides (and grooms) make their destination wedding planning a little easier:

"Many resorts and hotels have on-site wedding coordinators, who maintain reputable local vendor lists, and can help organize your big day." However, do you really want to leave the (most important) decision of who will capture the most wonderful day of your life to a wedding coordinator who does not know you personally? Why don't you take me with you? ;)

My bags are packed.

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