Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Terrible Two's?

Wow, so many things going on...I am really behind on my blogging. Going back to May, here are some shots of Brynn's 2nd b-day party.

Brynn was almost a cince de mayo baby, so we went with a mexican fiesta theme. Ole!

I took some time with Brynn the other day for an impromptu 2 year old photo session. Actually, she was just doing her own thing and I happened to have my camera handy. She barely even noticed I was there.

Her little halter top is from a cool clothing designer called "Matilda Jane." I am going to be having a virtual "trunk show" soon, so you can get your daughters some adorable and funky clothes too. I will be offering free photo sessions in your new Matilda Jane clothes...More info on that coming soon :)

A few more of Brynnie with her are intrigued by the strangest things.

"Where did the birdies go?"

"You scared them all away, Brynn."

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